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The art duo, AntTree, came about from a meeting at a local deli in Santa Cruz, CA. After a discussion about a piece of carrot cake, cupid struck. After spending months together in the photo labs at Cabrillo and UC Santa Cruz (with a few breaks for Starbucks and Pizza My Heart), they made the ultimate plunge... They bought a toaster together, and it was a good toaster. With the knowledge that they could share a pop-tart or bagel without fighting, they decided the next logical step was to get married. They owe the last decade of joy, art, and happiness... to carrot cake.

"Ant's" preferred forms of art include: Photography, both "real" and digital. He also enjoys painting, woodworking and scrapbooking.

“Tree’s” enjoys painting, mixed-media collages, photography, and drawing. She particularly enjoys doodling scientific subject matter and specializes in rendering DNA art.