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AntTree Studio offers many art-related services, including:

  • Event Photography
  • Graphic Arts/Design
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Custom Framing/Matting
  • Digital Archiving
  • Digital Restoration
  • Mixed Media Art
  • Greeting Cards

Event Photography -

We enjoy taking photos of any kind of event or show, including; plays, weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more. For events, I can setup a static photo area/booth or take general photos of the full event.


Graphic Arts/Design -

Using Adobe CS5/6 Suite (Photoshop, Illistrator, Dreamweaver, etc) we can help you create graphic designs/art projects; such as logos, banners, labels, business cards and more. Working with local print service, no job is too small or too big.

Custom product lables for Funranium Labs

(Photos provided by Funranium Labs)

Fine Art Prints -

Most photographs that we take can be ordered as prints. Prints are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Print sizes from 4x6 up to large 13x19 are processed in-house. Matted and non-matted options are also available.  Our photos are categorized and available for viewing via a few different photo hosting website (see below).  If you are looking for a specific photo and/or would like to order prints, please contact us.

Flickr - Events, parties and and general photography

500px - Fine Art, portrature, and custom pieces


Custom Framing/Matting of Fine Art -

We are able to provide matting, mounting and/or framing services for just about any art piece you have. All options (frame material, sizes, colors/textures) are customized to meet your needs. We can custom frame any size up to 32”x40”, in-house and work with local partners for any larger items.



Digital Archiving -

We are frequently asked, “What is Digital Archiving?” In its simplest form, it is the capturing of items (re: photographs, documents, paintings, etc.) and saving them in a digital format. Digital Archiving is different than basic scanning because of a few factors, including: formatting, editing, and capture technology. With Digital Archiving, items are captured and saved in multiple formats, including JPG and TIFF, just to name a few. This allows greater versatility to the captured items, (such as, enlarging, printing, emailing, restoration, etc).

Many items that are digitally archived also need to be fixed/repaired with; color correction, color restoration, photo stitching and scratch and dust removal, just to name a few. When capturing items it is critical to use the best technology possible to get the highest quality images. Many “desktop” scanners are limited in their scan quality and are unable to scan a wide variety of items.

AntTree Studio uses three multiple methods for our digital archiving including: a high quality reflective light scanner for photographs and documents, a dedicated high-end 35mm slide and negative scanner and a direct-light scanner for scanning larger format negatives (above 35mm) and slides.  For large items or items that can’t be brought to us, we have mobile systems as well. 

We process all items in-house, by hand, to insure quality.  Your privacy is also a key concern for us – at no point will any of your items be processed outside of our shop. Once archiving is completed, all original items are returned to you and you can select whichever method you prefer to receive your archived items; CD/DVD, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, uploaded to a private Internet-accessible server, or email.



Custom Mixed Media Art -

AntTree Studio also specializes in many non-photographic arts, including: mixed media, paper arts and crafts, paintings, scrapbooking, and decoupage. If you are looking for a special item, alternate art piece, or painting, please let us know. We can custom create any items based on your needs.  


Greeting Cards -

We also create many unique and individualized paper items, such as wedding invitations, birthday cards, thank you cards, and scrapbook layouts.